Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Complete Trophy and Achievement Guide

Cal Kestis's latest planet-hopping adventure is massive in scope. Here's what you need to do to get every Achievement/Trophy.

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Respawn Entertainment touted Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as expanding on the previous game in every possible way, and it wasn’t joking. There are more enemies, collectibles, abilities, side quests and optional encounters, not to mention brand-new activities. Even if you complete the story, plenty of content opens up in the post-game to pursue.

Long story short, completionists will have quite the time finding everything for all the Trophies/Achievements. Here’s how to unlock them all. Spoilers follow, so beware.

How to Unlock All Trophies/Achievements

Rooftop Duel

Unlocked after defeating the boss on Coruscant in Chapter 1.

For Saw Gerrera

Once you leave Coruscant and can freely move about and fly the Mantis, you’ll unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Grab Some Seat

Go to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. When you reach the Cantina and get involved in all the hubbub, go inside and meet with the owner to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

The Past Made Present

Unlocked after reaching the Forest Array, discovering what’s located inside and fighting the next boss.

Survivors, We Adapt

After progressing enough, you’re reunited with a familiar ally, which unlocks this Trophy/Achievement.

Among the Masters

Unlocked by progressing even further, you’ll happen upon the Jedi Archive while reuniting with another old friend.

For the Path

Face a large machine. Slay it to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Out of Bedlam

Unlocked in chapter 4, when you defeat a boss to rescue an ally.

Tanalorr Bound

Once you’ve ventured to Mountain Observatory’s Grand Oculus in Chapter 5 and taken down its boss, you’ll complete the Abyss Compass and unlock this.


Involves defending the Archive in chapter 5. After the cutscenes, this Trophy/Achievement unlocks.

At the Precipice

After surviving the ordeal on Nova Garon, you’ll unlock this after returning to the Mantis.

Into the Abyss

Following your discovery of the route to Tanalorr in the Control Center, you’ll receive this Trophy/Achievement.

A Place You Could Call Home

Unlocked once the story finishes and the credits have rolled.

Han Slowlo

Unlocked after slowing and defeating 50 enemies. Available in the first Chapter, Slow is an ability that charges over time. You activate it by pressing L3+R3/LS+RS, and it will slow all enemies around you. The key with this Trophy/Achievement is slaying enemies when they’re under the effects of Slow.

If they take a hit and are still alive, they’ll return to normal, and it won’t count towards the Trophy/Achievement. The key is to use it on weaker enemies or unleash stronger attacks (the Double-Blade Stance’s Force Skill and the Crossguard Stance are recommended) to slay them more quickly. You could also upgrade Slow in the Jedi Concentration skill tree and extend its duration or have enemies remain slowed after the first hit, The Jedi Survivor

Exclusive to PS5, this Platinum Trophy unlocks by earning all the Trophies in the game, making things easier.

So Uncivilized

Point Blank is a Blaster Stance skill, but you’ll first need to unlock the Stance in Chapter 3. You’ll need four Skill Points to reach it and one more to unlock it. Equip the Skill and press Triangle/Y before an enemy’s melee attack lands to execute it. This Trophy/Achievement requires killing ten enemies with Point Blank. Once again, weaker foes like Stormtroopers will be the easiest to earn this, though keep in mind that it doesn’t work on ranged attacks. Take out the ranged attackers and focus on the melee Stormtroopers.

You’ve Got A Friend

Companions are a new thing in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, helping you traverse through environments and using abilities to turn the tide in battle. To get this Trophy/Achievement, you’ll need to use your companions’ abilities ten times. With two companions, Bode Akuna and Merrin, you’ll have to call on their assistance ten times each.

Here’s the catch – Bode is your companion in select chapters. If you don’t fulfil these conditions, this won’t be unlocked. You’ll then have to start a new playthrough or New Game Plus. Bode is available only in Chapters 1 and 4, while Merrin becomes available in Chapter 3 and again in Arid Flats.


Unlocked by hitting three enemies with one Roller Mine. You’ll encounter them fairly early when venturing to Rambler’s Reach. While finding three enemies and a Roller Mine to use them on, there is an area in Chapter 3 called the Untamed Downs (just beyond the Boiling Bluff meditation point). You’ll find a garage that contains multiple Roller Mines – Force Pull and Push one into the others when they’re following to unlock this.

They Never Saw It Coming

Attack 20 unaware enemies from stealth, which should be possible by playing the story normally. Enemies are usually unaware of your presence when you get close (while above, hanging from a ledge or behind them), and the Square/X prompt appears. Press it, and you’ll kill them quickly, though this alerts other foes. If you want to earn this quickly, look for certain places where enemies can always be killed unawares (like on cliffs, sometime after meeting Merrin). After slaying them, go to the Meditation Point, respawn the enemies and do it again.

This Is Canon

On the Shattered Moon in Chapter 4, you must Force Push an enemy into the mining cannon. This is fairly easy since there are points where enemies attack as the cannon fires. Dodging the cannon is a must to not wind up as space dust. Simply Force Pull a B1 Droid and hold it in place for when the cannon fires. If you fail, go to the Meditation Point nearby and reload.

I’m a Living Legend

Legendary Adversaries are your standard optional bosses, providing tougher versions of typical enemies encountered throughout the story. There are 13 in total, and it’s a good idea to go after them all once you’ve unlocked all abilities provided by the story. It also ensures you’re strong enough with a good amount of skills to take them on.

Here are all the Legendary Adversaries and where you can find them:

  • D-L1T – On Corscant in Hangar 2046-C. This Legendary Security Droid requires BD-1’s Electro Dart to access.
  • Frenzied Jotaz – On Coruscant in Undercity Meats. Once again, BD-1’s Electro Dart is needed to open the door to this enemy. Listen for him banging on the doors and then open them to start the fight.
  • Urgost, Fist of Rayvis – In the Observatory Understructure. You’ll fight Urgost in Chapter 5 while venturing to the Mountain Observatory. It can’t be missed since this is part of the story.
  • Gorocco Matriarch – Near the Derelict Dam. Travel right from the Meditation Point and look for a Roller Mine to destroy the breakable wall. Climb the rope, venture to the ledge and then raise the door to the Legendary enemy.
  • Vile Bilemaw – In Fogged Expanse. Look near the back of this area for a circular part and slide down to find the Vile Bilemaw.
  • Rancor – That’s right – you can finally battle the infamous Rancor from Return of the Jedi. It’s located in Sodden Grotto and appears at the end once you’ve found all the Treasures.
  • Golden Skriton – Near Anchorite Base. You’ll need to travel to the left part of Desert Ridge to find it.
  • The Mire Terror – In Viscid Bog. Go down the lift, raise the stone platforms to the left, and jump across to find it.
  • Spawn of Oggdo – In Fort Kah’Lin. Look for a circular section when traversing the watchtowers. Drop down to fight the Spawn of Oggdo Bogdo, a Legendary foe worthy of their parent. See below for details on another Trophy/Achievement tied to slaying the Spawn of Oggdo.
  • Sutaban Alpha – Near the Crypt of Uhrma. Starting at the Crypt’s Meditation Point, go up the stairs, through the door and then to the right. Go down until you reach the Crypt of Uhrma. Solve the puzzle, which involves pulling switches arranged in two rows (the solution being first and fourth in the first row and sixth and seventh in the second). Venture inside and dash through the door with green lasers. Squeeze through, and you should find the Legendary enemy.
  • The Massiff – In the Yurt Barracks. Located just above the huts.
  • Beetu Deetu – In the Southern Reach. Perhaps the easiest Legendary Adversary to find. Walk from the Meditation Point, and it appears before you.
  • E3-VE3 – In the Untamed Downs. Go to the Untamed Downs region, and venture left to find an opening. Dash through the door with green lasers to find it.

For more extensive directions, check out our guide here.

Get Down From There

Force Lift lets you, well, lift enemies into the air by pressing R1+Triangle/RB+Y, leaving them vulnerable to subsequent attacks (like the Lightsaber Throw). To get this Trophy/Achievement, you must Force Lift and attack 20 enemies. Prioritize Stormtroopers since they’ll die the fastest when attacked. Once suspended, throw your Lightsaber to hit and kill them.

One With the Force

Use Focus Sight to dodge 50 attacks. Available in the Survival Tree for two Skill Points, Focus Sight allows for evading all attacks by holding Circle/B. It drains your Force meter but is good while in a pinch. Look for enemies that perform melee attacks and use Focus Sight to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Mirror Match

Force Confuse is a handy tool for turning enemies over to your side temporarily, and once it’s upgraded, you can cause some havoc by confusing wild beasts. It’s unlocked automatically in Chapter 1 when exploring Coruscant, and if the confused enemy in question defeats another of the same type, you’ll receive this Trophy/Achievement. However, the amount of damage confused enemies deal – especially the humans – is a bit average. Since Coruscant is relatively low-stress, use it several times when it’s first available to have the confused enemy slay their opposite without much trouble.


Precision Release is available from the Dual-Wield Stance tree. You must buy Focused Parry first and then Precision Release, so it’s three Skill Points. Using it involves pressing Triangle/Y and releasing it just before an enemy attack. Do this ten times to unlock this. Melee enemies are easier to perform a Precision Release against, so focus on them.

Slam Dunk

In Chapter 4, you’ll receive the ability Slam. To earn this Achievement/Trophy, you need to slam five enemies with a single use of the skill. First, upgrade Slam to Mass Slam in the Telekinesis Skill Tree. You’ll need five total Skill Points to do so. Next, hold R1 + X to charge up Mass Slam and nail a group of enemies. There are several places with multiple enemies together (like in Coruscant and on the cliffs), and you can use Wrenching Pull to group them and make it easier to hit all at once.


When Force Pulling a resisting enemy, parry their follow-up attack to unlock Trophy/Achievement. When fighting enemies like BX Droids or Raider Veterans, using Force Pull with L2/LT will cause them to resist and eventually attack, using their momentum against you. Parry their attack with L1/LB to earn this. It’s also a way to turn the tables against them, lowering their Block for counter-attacks.

Star Tours

Unlocked by finding and completing all of the Jedi Chambers. These are optional locations which test your puzzle-solving skills and reward Perks. Here are the locations:

  • Chamber of Duality – Located in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Encountered in Chapter 2 of the story and can’t be missed.
  • Chamber of Detachment – Located on the Mountain Ascent in Prospector’s Folly. It’s also where you meet Skoova.
  • Chamber of Connection – Located in the Viscid Bog.
  • Chamber of Fortitude – Found in Rambler’s Reach near the Southern Ridge.
  • Chamber of Clarity – Found at the Landing Pad of Rambler’s Reach Outpost.
  • Chamber of Reason – Found in the Basalt Forest, specifically the Basalt Rift.
  • Chamber of Ambidexterity – Found in the Devastated Settlement in Stone Spires (near the Grand Courtyard Meditation Point).

Head here for more detailed instructions on locating each Jedi Chamber. After you’ve completed all seven, return to the Alignment Control Center in the Untamed Downs, and look for a terminal near the Meditation Point. Have BD-1 slice it to obtain a map upgrade highlighting any Essences, aka Skills, Perks and Upgrades.

King of the World

One of the side quests involves reaching the highest point in Harvest Ridge, located in Rambler’s Reach. You must climb up a tower to complete it, which also nets a Trophy/Achievement. First, go to the region and look for a barn with Nekkos. Use one to jump to the barn’s entrance and wall-run to the top. Pull the top loose and drop inside, then open the barn’s gate with Force Pull.

Call a Nekko and jump off of it to reach a second, higher platform, then use Force Pull on its chain. Go down and call another Nekko, then return to the previous platform. You’ll now want to remove its chain and bring the lift down, then place a Nekko on it. Return to the second platform, insert the chain and then to the barn lift. Ride the Nekko and climb up the Harvest Ridge tower with ease.

There Is No Try

In a callback to The Empire Strikes Back, Cal must lift a ship out of a tar pit (successfully, unlike with Luke). Though this encounter is in Chapter 2 in the Gorge Crash Site, you need the Force Lift ability from Chapter 4 first. Return to the Droid and press R1+Triangle/RB+Y to lift the ship. Said Droid is also necessary for the “Max Capacity” Trophy/Achievement, so you must do this if you want to recruit him.

Now, This Isn’t Podracing

Unlocked by traveling 500 meters with mounts. You’ll first discover mounts like the Nekko in Chapter 2 in the Forest Array. All you have to do is ride around with them, which occurs naturally as you complete side quests and explore the area. Note that the Spamel in Chapter 3 also counts towards the progress of this Achievement/Trophy.

Cleaning Up

Perhaps one of the easiest things to unlock, all you need to do is go to the Cantina’s bathroom. Walk in and then go right to find it. If you interact with the toilet, this Trophy/Achievement unlocks.

They’re Probably Fine

In a grisly homage to Mario and Yoshi, you get an Achievement/Trophy for dropping a mount into the abyss. Travel to Anchorite Base’s Meditation Point, get on a Spamel, and then go to the cliff. Dismount before it goes off, and it should unlock.


To earn this, you’ll need to keep your feet off the ground and walls for 60 seconds. The key is to find a platforming section where you hang above the ground using your hands. There are several places like this in the Basalt Forest en route to the Forest Array, but you can also do this on Coruscant in the beginning chapter. Just hang for a minute, then climb back up to unlock it. It’s also possible to get a flying mount in the Basalt Forest near the end of Chapter 2 and glide continuously.

It’s a Trap

Unlocked by fully exploring the Phon’Qi Caverns. Go to Foothill Falls, and there should be a shack – go inside, and you’ll see a trapdoor. Force Pull it, drop down and move through the narrow opening to enter the caverns. At the end are three Bedlam Raider bosses, but upon defeating them, you can Slice the terminal to unlock a new map upgrade. This one shows the location of Stim upgrades, chests and upgrades for BD-1 and is well worth getting.

Max Capacity

Greez’s cantina starts empty, but you can liven up the join by recruiting various NPCs throughout the game. You’ll find some of them while playing through the story, like Zee and Toa, but others require more work. It’s worth it since they open up new options in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost and provide more company. Here are the 11 characters you’ll need to recruit to earn this Achievement/Trophy:

  • Pit Droid – Found in the Gorge Crash Site. Requires the Force Lift ability.
  • Mosey and Turgle – Recruited in Rambler’s Reach Outpost as part of the story in Chapter.
  • Toa – She’s found in the Basalt Rift area en route to the Forest Array in Chapter 2.
  • Caij – Discovered in the Stone Spires region in the Devastated Settlement in Chapter 3 as part of the story, Caij will provide Bounties for Cal to hunt down.
  • Bhima and Tulli – Found in Boiling Bluff, near the Meditation Point. Help them to unlock Holotactics in the Cantina.
  • Pili Walde – Located in the Blustery Mesa in Chapter 4 and serves as a gardener for plants on the Cantina rooftop.
  • Skoova – He’s found in Foothill Falls, which opens up in Chapter 5 and will catch fish to fill the Cantina’s aquarium.
  • Jawa – Located in the Bygone Settlement and requires the Air Dash and Upgraded Ascension Cable skills.
  • Ashe Javi and DD-EC – Discovered in Harvest Ridge.
  • Zygg Soza and Wini Eres – Found in Viscid Bog near the Meditation Point.
  • T-1N8 – Found in Foothill Falls en route to the Phon’Qi Caverns.

Head here for more detailed instructions on finding and recruiting each character.

Can You Pet the Bogling?

One of the easiest Trophies/Achievements. All you have to do is pet a Bogling. You’ll encounter them in many places, particularly when meeting Toa. You could also go to the stables near the Cantina, and pet the Boglings there.

Who Gives a Puck

Unlocked as part of the story, this Trophy/Achievement involves receiving your first Bounty. It occurs when heading to Dagan’s Retreat in Chapter 3. Korej Lim, a bounty hunter, will fight you. After defeating him, you’ll meet Caij, and get the Bounty. Access to subsequent Bounties is also unlocked.

Caij Match

Once you meet Caij in Chapter 3 and unlock Bounties, she’ll join the Cantina. Earning this Trophy/Achievement requires hunting 17 Bounties. Finishing the game is advised, since many of these open up later. Here are all the Bounties and where they can be found:

  • Korej Lim – The first target, found partway through Chapter 3.
  • Meyen Corr – In the Boiling Bluff.
  • Gatt Medo – Located in the Freight Handling Point on Coruscant.
  • Mash – Located in the Automated Forge on the Shattered Moon.
  • Masi Finau – Found in the Hangar Bay Exterior of Nova Garon.
  • Kle-0 – Also located in Nova Garon’s Hangar Bay Exterior.
  • Fenn Finau – The third Bounty target in the Hangar Bay Exterior on Nova Garon.
  • Corde The Half – Found in the Halls of Ranvell.
  • PR-85T The Other Half – Also located in the Halls of Ranvell.
  • Yuhong – Found in Anchorite Base in the Path of Restoration.
  • Kip Ostar – Located in the Derelict Dam.
  • Raz – In the Forrest Array, near the large winged creature in Chapter 2.
  • Selfin Jook – Found in the Observatory Understructure.
  • Vaslyn Martz – Located in the Fogged Expanse.
  • Kili Oso – On the Sepulcher Pass and only available after the Bounties have been claimed.
  • Speak to Caij in the Cantina to start tracking the target.
  • Jo the Cannibal – In the Yurt Barracks. Again, this can only be tracked by speaking to Caij in the Cantina and eliminating the previous Bounties.
  • Caij – Devasted Settlement, but first, you need to go to the Cantina. At Caij’s spot is a tablet. Interact with it after the previous Bounties are eliminated and go to the Devastated Settlement in Stone Spires.

For detailed instructions on reaching each Bounty, check out our guide.

Perk of the Job

This Trophy/Achievement is unlocked by equipping Perks in all Perk Slots. However, you first need to earn all of the Perk Slots. There are 10 in total, with Cal starting with three. You can purchase another one from Zee in the Cantina but need 10 Data Discs. It’s recommended to complete all of the Jedi Chambers since, along with granting Perks to equip in the Slots, they also lead to a map upgrade to track Essences (which Perk Slots fall under).

Otherwise, here are the locations for all of the Perk Slots:

  • Path of Restoration – Unlocked after earning the map upgrade that shows the locations of treasures like Priorite Shards.
  • Path of Persistence – Also unlocked en route to earning the map upgrade for treasure locations.
  • Path of Conviction – Also unlocked en route to getting the map upgrade for treasure locations.
  • Derelict Dam – Available in Chapter 4 after getting Slam.
  • Harvest Ridge – The same location where you earn “King of the World.” Requires a Nekko.
  • Smuggler’s Tunnel – Inside the red door that’s blocked off. You’ll need the Air Dash to get this.

Head here for the precise locations of each Perk Slot. Once you unlock them all, equip Perks in each, and you’ll get the Achievement/Trophy.

Greezy Money

Trade 25 items with vendors. As you progress through the game, collecting Data Discs, and Priorite Shards, you’ll trade them to vendors to obtain items. By trading a collective 25, you’ll get this Achievement/Trophy.

Cobra Cal

A likely reference to Karate Kid/Cobra Kai, unlocking this requires wearing a headband and then training with weapons. First, go to Rambler’s Reach Outpost and purchase the headband from Doma’s Shop for seven Priorite Shards. Go to the hangar before meeting Cere, where there’s a training dummy wearing Stormtrooper gear. Equip the headband and attack it with your Lightsaber.

A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since…

Remember when you defeated the Spawn of Oggdo in Fort Kah’Lin? Oggdo Bogdo was a big deal in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and upon defeating the Spawn, open the nearby chest to obtain a classic item – the Poncho. Equip it to unlock this Trophy/Achievement, and praise the added cosmetic options that Jedi: Survivor has added.

Hey, Luke At Us

Unlocked by equipping a new cosmetic for Cal in every slot (not including the Beard). You’ll find numerous cosmetics throughout the game by exploring off the beaten path. You could also go through the Phon’Qi Caverns since that upgrades your map to highlight any chests. See details for “It’s a Trap” to learn more.

Road House

Road House is a Patrick Swayze film from 1989 which involves a lot of kicking. To get this Trophy/Achievement, you need to channel your inner Swayze, don a mullet and dropkick an enemy. To find the mullet, you’ll first need Slam, unlocked in Chapter 4 and the Crossguard Stance from the Shattered Moon (after defeating the Bedlam Raider boss). Go to the Derelict Dam, and cross the pit from the Meditation Pit. Climb the vines, go left and Slam down on the platform.

Now you can climb up. Look for a barge with droids on it – kill them, and drop down from the back to a platform. It has a Force Echo and a chest with the mullet. After equipping it, use the Crossguard Stance, hold down Square/X and sprint towards an enemy to perform a dropkick.

Kitted Out

Modify Cal’s Blaster and Lightsaber, and BD-1, with new parts. After leaving Coruscant and controlling Cal in the Mantis, pick up the assembly kit in the kitchen and then go to the back of the ship. There’s a workbench for customizing your Lightsaber and changing BD-1’s visor, body and legs. However, you won’t get the Blaster until Chapter 3 as part of the story. Once you do, go to a workbench and customize it like the Lightsaber and BD-1. Even changing one part is enough to earn this Trophy/Achievement.

Skoova Diving

Greez’s Cantina quickly becomes a hive for…genuinely friendly and kind folk willing to help. One of its features, the aquarium, can be spruced up by collecting different fish. First, you must recruit Skoova, found in the Foothills Fall in Prospector’s Folly in Chapter 5. He’ll then join the Cantina and stick near the aquarium. However, to catch fish, you need to find Skoova in various locations, after which he’ll catch the fish himself.

There are 12 fish in total, and this Achievement/Trophy unlocks when you’ve caught them all for the aquarium. Check out their locations below. Some are located near Meditation Points or near where you spawn, while others require some exploration.

  • Snakefish – Anchorite Base.
  • Faintailed Laa – Located in the Crypt of Uhrma, where you fight Legendary Adversary Sutaban Alpha.
  • Big Mouth Faa – Rift Passage.
  • See Fish – Foothill Falls.
  • Frilled Newt – Gorge Crash Site.
  • Barbed Hookfish – Smuggler’s Tunnel.
  • Fingerlip Garpon – Rambler’s Reach Outpost, behind a house near the stables.
  • Viscid Lurker – Phon’Qi Caverns.
  • Mee – Mountain Ascent.
  • Glottsamcrab – Viscid Bog.
  • Blue-Finned Crayfish – Nekko Pools.
  • Blinding Rayfish – Devastated Settlement.

Check out our guide for the locations of all the fish.

Growth Spurt

In addition to catching fish and hunting bounties, you can also do some gardening. The rooftop garden on Greez’s Cantina becomes available after Chapter 2 and lets you plant any seeds discovered in the open world. To get this Trophy/Achievement, you’ll need to find seeds for all ten plants, then plant and grow them in the garden.

You need to recruit Pili Walde in Blustery Mesa in Chapter 4, after which she’ll stand on the Cantina’s roof and act as the gardener. There are multiple variants for plants – planting and growing one variant is enough. Grow enough plants, and you’ll have access to more soils. There’s also a terminal that adds seeds to the entire area. Here are the locations for all plants:

  • Tuber Maw – Southern Ridge.
  • Palm Fruit Shell – Harvest Ridge.
  • Spiker – Summit Ridge.
  • Spine Fluff – Southern Ridge.
  • Pine Fern – Hunter’s Quarry.
  • Fire Pineapple – Gorge Crash Site.
  • Goldenlight Moss – Rambler’s Reach Outpost.
  • Bluebell Squish – Southern Ridge.
  • Cactus Ball – Gorge Crash Site.
  • Crimson Jelly Spire – Devastated Settlement.

Check out more detailed instructions for finding each here.


Unlocked by winning all of the Holotactics matches. First, you must recruit Bhima and Tulli, found in Chapter 3 near the Boiling Bluff Meditation Point. They’ll join the Cantina. Next, you need to recruit more characters for the Cantina, so complete the “Max Capacity” Trophy/Achievement first.

Also, ensure that you’re scanning every enemy since they’ll appear as units in the game. Return to the Cantina and look for Bhima and Tulli to play Holotactics. It involves placing units based on the enemies scanned, with stronger ones costing more points. Deploy the Droideka on the back row for 12 points and keep melee characters in front to shield them. The Droideka will steamroll all of your opponents. Beat Turgle, Caij, Skoova, Merrin, Tulakt, Greez, T-1N8 and Tulli to earn this Trophy/Achievement.


During the game, BD-1 gains the Visor ability, which activates binocular vision to zoom in on targets from a distance. It’s used to scan enemies and place beacons. To unlock this, “investigate” the large creature as part of the story.


In Rambler’s Reach Outpost, Doma has a shop that offers numerous goods and cosmetics for Priorite Shards. It becomes available after you finish the Jedi Chamber and return to the Cantina. Leave it and go left where Doma was standing in your first meeting to find it. This Achievement/Trophy involves trading 100 Priorite Shards and buying everything in Doma’s Shop. Since Shards drop from Scavenger Droids and are found throughout different areas, it’s a good idea to get the map upgrade which highlights treasures on all areas.

Explore the Arid Flats and complete three puzzles – Path of Conviction, Path of Persistence and Path of Restoration to open the Wayfinder’s Tomb in the centre of the area. Go inside, and you’ll find the map upgrade. However, even if you find all the Priorite Shards on every area, you’ll notice one missing.

To get this, first find a purple, red or pink Nekko and place it in the stables in Rambler’s Reach. Go to the Meditation Point and rest. Return to the Nekko, and you’ll find the final Priorite Shard in its feces. However, you need the Force Lift ability to pick it up.

The Jedi Path

There are nine Skill Trees in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and this Achievement/Trophy wants you to fully upgrade three. Upgrading all three Skill Trees for the Force or one for each Lightsaber Stance counts. The best ones to focus on are the Crossguard, which only needs 11 Skill Points, and Jedi Concentration, Double-Bladed Stance, Blaster and Telekinesis and Confusion, which all require 12 Skill Points. Check out our guide for details on quickly farming XP and earning Skill Points rapidly.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Unlocked by completing all of the Force Tears. Force Tears present optional challenges. There is a timer, but don’t worry about it unless you’re into bragging rights. Here are the locations of all 15 Force Tears in the game:

  • Fractured Malice – On Coruscant, start from the Meditation Point on the Rooftops. However, go in the opposite direction from Renovation Site 4733. You’ll come across a door and must use Force Lift to get inside. The Force Tear, challenging you to slay two Rancors, is inside.
  • Fractured Burden – Go from the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point onto an elevator. However, get off quickly, and you’ll find a plate that can be Lifted. The Force Tear is below and involves slaying three large foes.
  • Fractured Agility – Go to the Boiling Bluff. Go to the dispenser and position the orange balloon so that it’s near the others. Follow the balloons to a platform, and interact with the creature. You’ll then go to the Derelict Dam and find the Force Tear on an elevated platform. Inside is a platforming challenge – complete it.
  • Fractured Momentum – Located in the Smuggler’s Tunnel, but you’ll need to go through the entrance from the Cantina. Traverse the laser gate, wall run and pass through a second, and you should find the Force Tear. It offers another platforming challenge.
  • Fractured Delusion – Found in Hunter’s Quarry. First, go behind Doma’s Shop and grapple up. There are some weather instruments – use those and then wall run to the cave for this Force Tear. You must defeat all of the enemies inside.
  • Fractured Duality – This Force Tear involves killing enemies while only using the Double-Bladed Stance, so get some upgrades. It’s near the Cantina’s roof – look for a tower and climb its vines to find it.
  • Fractured History – If you’ve killed the Spawn of Oggdo in Fort Kah’Lin and want an even greater challenge, fret not. Go to Doma’s Shop in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. There will be a small Oggdo near here. Interact with it, and a Force Tear will appear, challenging you to kill two Spawns of Oggdo. Have fun!
  • Fractured Resolve – Found en route to the Forest Array. Check the first waterfall in Swindler’s Wash for the Force Tear, which involves precisely timed jumping.
  • Fractured Punishment – Located in Devasted Settlement in the Stone Spires region, this Force Tear requires slaying three Rakwa and two Sutaban. To access it, go right from the Grand Courtyard Meditation Point. If you look over the edge, a gold cube is visible – look for a Relter nearby to float to it. Remember that the three updrafts in the area must be enabled first.
  • Fractured Power – With the Crossguard Stance equipped, slay all enemies in this Force Tear. Once again, get some skills in that Stance tree, because it’s a doozy. To reach this, go to the Fogged Expanse Meditation Point. BD-1’s Electro Dart and the ability to grapple the orange balloons are required. Follow the path, and eventually, you’ll reach it.
  • Fractured Tradition – From the Monastery Walls Meditation Point, go left, all the way up the hill. Slide down, grapple the ledge and move across, then jump on the pillars to reach it. It’s pretty visible out in the open, so it should be easy to find. The Force Tear requires you to slay enemies using only the Single-Blade Stance. Be warned, as there are Battle Droids, Bedlam Raiders and a Purge Trooper to contend with.
  • Fractured Determination – This Force Tear requires the Dash ability to complete a platforming challenge. Travel to the Anchorite Base Meditation Point and look to the left. You’ll find two paths – explore them both, and eventually come across the Force Tear.
  • Fractured Dexterity – Like the other Stance-specific challenges, this one requires slaying all enemies using only the Twin-Bladed Stance. Go to the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point and venture up the stairs. Look for another set of stairs that leads to some Stormtroopers in a room. Wall run through (not the Scavenger Droid for later) and venture left to find the Force Tear.
  • Fractured Cunning – Defeat all enemies using only the Blaster Stance in this Force Tear, which can be reached by going to the Timeworn Bridge Meditation Point. Now travel up the hill to head outside and go right to find an opening. Once you’re through, check the left door, climb the wall and dash past the laser door to find it.
  • Fractured Endurance – Located on the Shattered Moon, this Force Tear is all about slaying lots and lots of B1 Battle Droids (150, to be exact). You can reach it by traveling to the Automated Forge’s Meditation Point and progressing until two grates are visible. They’re electrified, so be careful, At the top, wall run and swing to the pole to reach the Force Tear.

Intergalactic Geographic

This one is a doozy, requiring the scanning of all enemy types in the game. There are 72 in total, subsequently categorized in the Tactical Guide. You can scan enemies after slaying them – just listen to BD-1’s prompt.

The following enemies, categorized under Galactic Empire, are already in the Guide when starting:

  • Scout Trooper
  • Scout Trooper Commander
  • Stormtrooper
  • Stormtrooper Commander
  • AT-ST
  • Security Droid
  • Flametrooper
  • Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Probe Droid
  • Rocket Launcher Trooper
  • Electrobaton Purge Trooper
  • Electrostaff Purge Trooper
  • Purge Trooper Commander

You can still scan them, but it’s not necessary. Other enemies are encountered throughout the story, but for some, you’ll need to venture off the beaten path on various areas to find them. Here’s the full list:

  • Bode Akuna (1st entry) – Automatically unlocked during the first fight in Chapter 5, and can’t be missed.
  • Bode Akuna (2nd entry) – Automatically unlocked during the second fight in Chapter 6. Also can’t be missed.
  • The Ninth Sister – Found on Coruscant. Automatically unlocked after the fight.
  • Shield Trooper – Basalt Rift.
  • Jetpack Trooper – Halls of Ranvell.
  • Imperial Officer – Whistling Drop.
  • Viper Probe Droid – Alignment Control Center.
  • DT Sentry Droid – Crypt of Uhrma.
  • Security Droid Enforcer – Located in the Hangar Bay Exterior on Nova Garon.
  • ISB Agent – Also found in the Hangar Bay Exterior on Nova Garon. They’re both encountered in Chapter 6 as part of the story and can’t be missed.
  • Darth Vader – Yes, the Big Bad returns to cause misery. You’ll encounter him in an unmissable fashion in Chapter 5.
  • B1 Battle Droid – In the Gorge Crash Site, near the Meditation Point. Seen numerous times throughout the game due to being the most basic Droid unit.
  • B1 Melee Battle Droid – Located in Swindler’s Wash. First fought en route to the Forest Gate as part of the story in Chapter 2.
  • B2 Battle Droid – Found in the Gorge Crash Site.
  • BX Droid – Located in the Derelict Dam. Can’t be missed, since you need to travel through this area as part of the story.
  • BX Droid (Hybrid) – Devastated Settlement in Chapter 3 after Caij appears. First, climb up the vines and use the Relter mount to glide. Climb up the next vine for the Jedi Chamber, and this enemy will be found.
  • BX Droid (Rifle) – Located in the Southern Reach from the Meditation Point. Go downhill and then go right to find some Gorgers and a silo where this Droid is present at the top.
  • Dagan Gera (1st entry) – Encountered in the Forest Array in Chapter 2. Can’t be missed, since it’s unlocked automatically.
  • Dagan Gera (2nd entry) – Also encountered as part of Chapter 4. Once again, you can’t miss this.
  • Dagan Gera (3rd entry) – Located in the Observatory up top, and once again, it’s unlocked automatically without the need to scan.
  • Droideka – Found in the Hangar Raftars in Chapter 4 after meeting with Bode again.
  • E3-VE3 – Located in the Untamed Downs. Travel from the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point. Check the Legendary Adversaries section for more details on finding it.
  • The Massiff – Yurt Barracks. Requires traveling underneath. Again, check the Legendary Adversaries section to find it.
  • Urgost, Fist of Rayvis – En route to the Observatory. Part of the story, so you can’t miss it.
  • Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Single-Blade) – Located in the Generatr Underbelly of the Viscid Bog.
  • Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Double-Blade) – Grand Courtyard.
  • Magnaguard – In the Automated Forge on the Shattered Moon, as part of the story.
  • Rayvis – Automatically unlocks in Chapter 5 as part of the story.
  • Raider Veteran – Present in the Observatory in Chapter 5. Can’t be missed, since it’s part of the story.
  • Raider Grunt – Also available in the Observatory in Chapter 5 and can’t be missed.
  • Bedlam Smasher – Located either in the Observatory in Chapter 5 or when encountering Bode again during the main story.
  • Beetu Deetu – Available in the Southern Reach after walking slightly ahead from the Meditation Point.
  • Haxion Brood Commando – Found in the Automated Forge on the Shattered Moon.
  • Haxion Brood Brawler Bounty Droid – Also found in the Automated Forge on the Shattered Moon, in the same place as the Haxion Brood Commando.
  • Haxion Brood Bounty Droid – Located in the Forest Array as part of Chapter 2, so there’s little chance of missing it.
  • Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter – Found on Nova Garon in the Hangar Bay Exterior.
  • Caij Vanda – Once all the Bounties have been completed, your next task involves meeting with Caij. This is automatically unlocked once the scene ends.
  • Haxion Brood Shock Commando – Found in the Freight Handling Depot on Coruscant.
  • Haxion Brood Gunslinger – Located in the Boiling Bluff , though you’ll need a Nekko. Take it up the cliff and then go right to find the enemy.
  • Haxion Brood Grenadier – Before meeting Caij in Chapter 3, you’ll fight Korej Lim, a Bounty Hunter. Defeat him and speak to Caij, but remember to scan his body for his entry.
  • Gorocco – In the Derelict Dam. Straight ahead from the Meditation Point and hard to miss.
  • Gorger – Located in Southern Reach. Go down the hill from the Meditation Poin and look for a silo. There will be three present.
  • Vile Bilemaw – In the Fogged Expanse.
  • Gorocco Matriarch – Also found in the Derelict Dam. Go right after the Meditation Point and then go down. You’ll need to bring the Roller Mine while wall running and use it to destroy the wall. After going through, climb up, and you’ll eventually come across a door. Force Lift it to fight this enemy.
  • The Mire Terror – Located in the Viscid Bog. Look for three platforms you can use Force Lift on. Traverse them to find this foe.
  • Rancor – On the Rooftops in Coruscant as part of the Force Tear. Check out details on the Force Tear locations above to learn more.
  • Bilemaw – Located in the Basalt Rift in the Forest Array in Chapter 2. Can’t be missed.
  • Rawka – Found in Swinder’s Wash in Chapter 2, just before the Forest Array.
  • Spawn of Oggdo – Located in Fort Kah’Lin in the Untamed Downs. Check our Legendary Adversaries guide for more details.
  • Bramlik – After meeting Caij in Chapter 3 at the Devastated Settlement, look for some vines behind her. You’ll find this enemy at the top after climbing.
  • Shiverpede – Located in the Gorge Crash Site.
  • Mogu – Located in the Basalt Rift en route to the Forest Array. Go up the hill from Toa’s position and then go left to find it.
  • Hardshell – Located near the Mantis upon first landing in Chapter 3.
    Golden Skriton – Found near the Anchorite Base.
  • Skriton – Fought in the Halls of Ranvell as part of the story.
  • Sutaban – Located in the Monastery Walls. Just look left from the Meditation Point.
  • Sutaban Alpha – Found in the Crypt of Uhrma. Check out the Legendary Adversaries guide for more details.
  • Roller Mine – Located in the Derelict Dam, near some Droids.
  • Scavenger Droid – Found in the Southern Reach near the silo where the Gorgers are, but you’ll find them in multiple areas of the game since they’re part of the collectibles. You’ll need to slay one quickly since it will escape otherwise. If it does, return to a Meditation Point, rest and try again.

The Jedi Survivor

Exclusive to PS5, this Platinum Trophy unlocks by earning all the Trophies in the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out our official review here.

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